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Themes include: women, nakedness, pirates, ninjas, katanas, album covers, suits, plants, foilage, trees, travel, drawings, typefaces, tea, machines, tattoos, lingerie, ravens, wolves, art, botanica, games, war, smoking, guns, film, leather, anatomy, glasses, motorcycles, Japan, visual repetition

Site 3 August 2011 Posted by Wolf

Site moved!

The contents of this website have been moved to Wolf’s Little Store. The RSS feed is still at the same location.

Thank you Nikita for the various contributions. This site will live on, but not at this domain.

Photography 16 June 2011 Posted by Wolf

Kalle Gustafsson


Interior 30 May 2011 Posted by Wolf

Ray Kappe

Art 27 May 2011 Posted by Wolf

Gregory Euclide (2)

Cover art for the new Bon Iver album.

Interior 20 May 2011 Posted by Wolf

Casa Brutus

Art 19 May 2011 Posted by Wolf

Erling Sjovold

Objects 17 May 2011 Posted by Wolf


Illustration 11 May 2011 Posted by Wolf


Typography 6 May 2011 Posted by Wolf

Ideal Sans

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